Project Overview

This stone-built home in South Yorkshire features striking architecture and a wonderfully rich blend of textures and materials.  The lighting has been beautifully integrated with the architecture and interior design with some magical results.

photography by Simon Warren

External Lighting for the Front of the House

The brief

The courtyard of this stone-built home needed to be a welcoming, secure area for our clients.  Exterior lighting integrated into the Lutron Homeworks lighting control system makes it a great place to come home to.

Exterior lighting washing up the stone of this striking new build house


This high-power buried LED uplighter produces low glare illumination to walls and columns

Shadow Gap Staircase Lighting

The brief

Discreet shadow gap lighting adds a striking twist to this beautiful modern wooden staircase at the heart of the house.  Early involvement of a lighting designer is the key to achieving this lighting effect.

Shadow Gap Staircase Lighting

LD12 Light Tube

Small and versatile 24v LED light Tube delivering a very broad, even glow

Hand-rolled Bronze Pendant

Beautiful low-glare hand rolled bronze pendant

Lighting for the TV Snug

The brief

The TV snug in the master suite is a welcoming breakfasting and relaxing area.  The lighting is subtle and relaxed to suit.  Natural daylight is complemented by elegant statuesque wall lights.



Elegant wall light in custom finish with custom shade