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Lighting Design

Light is often the single most important factor in a room yet it is frequently overlooked. Good lighting is about altering perceptions of light and space, creating focal points and enhancing features, and creating moods or enabling tasks.

Great lighting design probably has the biggest impact on a space after great architecture.   It is both an art and a science: it requires both creative flair and mastery of a varied, complex and continually evolving set of disciplines.  Critically it’s also about really understanding each client, and being able to help them transform their aspirations and dreams into reality.

Lighting is fundamental to the way a space looks and feels.  Nothing can replicate the feel good factor of sunshine pouring through windows on a spring day, but artificial lighting plays a key role in how we feel about our homes.  Done well it can be uplifting, dramatic, soothing, and practical.  Done badly it can be dingy, cold, glaring, inadequate and boring  – or all of the above!  Residential lighting design lifts lighting out of the everyday and helps you make the most of your space.

Great lighting design is not easy to do.  The rate of technological and regulatory change is making it harder.  It’s something that has to be planned at the start of a build, but you don’t know whether you’ve got it right until the very end.  Long before the electrician starts asking for plans you might want to consider using a professional lighting designer…