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I have a13 treads to my staircase I want to fit lights on every step with the lights automatically come on when you move up each step thank you

Hi Colin and thanks for the question,

We don’t offer a turnkey solution to this but we do offer some of the components.  We do supply a wide range of staircase lighting; either to go into the stringer, into the wall or potentially into or under the tread.  We can supply lighting control systems that could theoretically be programmed to take inputs from stair pressure sensors but .  Pressure sensing mats are available online although we have no experience of using them so please do not take this is as a recommendation.

The lighting control system we primarily use is Lutron HomeWorks QS and it would be overkill to use QS to do this.  HomeWorks QS is designed as a whole house lighting control system.  The equipment and programming overhead required to do this would be excessive for a staircase.  The setup and programming required to deal with 13 sequential inputs would be awkward in QS as well; it’s not designed as a wider home automation system.

There are other home automation systems that might be more appropriate.  You might find a Control4 or Loxone based solution easier to pull together.  This is more of an automation than a lighting challenge and you might find a Control4 or Loxone dealer more prepared to take it on.

Alternatively you might dispense with any programming and talk to an electrician about a solution based purely on sensors.  This might mean something less flexible – you might not be able to only run it in the evening etc. – but it should be cheaper and potentially easier to do.

I’m sorry we can’t help more with this.  If you do find a solution, please do drop us a line.