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What is Colour Temperature?

Colour Temperature

What do those K numbers really mean?

With the advent of LED technology, colour temperature has become an important issue.  It is now possible to select which colour temperature you require.

Illustrative Colour Temperature chart
Actual colour appearance will vary.

Colour Temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin (K).  The lower the value, the warmer, more golden the light will appear;  the higher the value, the cooler, more blue the light will look.

Whilst colour temperature should be a precisely defined measure in reality it’s not.  Not every manufacture measures the colour temperature in the same way, with one companies 2700K looking like another companies 3000K.   This is particularly true at the cheaper end of the market and is a good reason for not buying LEDs “blind”.

Colour consistency amongst a batch of fittings is another differential between high and lower quality LED fittings. The manufacturers of our fittings select their LEDs very precisely resulting in no noticeable colour difference between fittings.

Finally, as LED fittings age there is a significant risk that their light colour will change if the heat the LED generates is not dissipated correctly.  Our suppliers go to great lengths to ensure their fittings stay cool giving excellent colour consistency over the life of the fitting.