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We have to use those leds for a whole staircase, so could you tell us how many transformers we will need?and what are the dimensions for a tranformer?

Hi and thank you for the question about the LD42W fittings and transformers for a staircase.  As these are LED fittings they actually use drivers.  These are similar in function to a transformer but they don’t do exactly the same job.  Drivers vary depending on whether and how they are being dimmed and the output you are looking for.  That makes it complicated but the good news is that we’ve set the website up to show you the correct drivers depending on those different options.  Let’s walk through what you need to do.

Go to the LD42W page and select your options in the drop downs as per this example.  Here we’re selecting the lower output at 1.2W and Non Dim (there are options for 0-10v, Mains and DALI dimming as well)

Example options for the LD42W


Select how many fittings you want in the quantity box and press the Buy Now button which will add the fittings to the basket and take you through to the drivers selection page.

Depending on what output and dimming driver options you have chosen, the shop will only present the relevant drivers to you.  Choose the one that gives you the best fit/value for the number of fittings you need.  Here you can see you have three options that will drive 1-12, 1-4 or 3-14 fittings respectively.

Driver Choices for example LD42W specification

If we see an order that comes through that we think looks odd or wrong we’ll always double check before we finalise the order.  Hope that’s helpful and if you need more help then please give us a call.