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I want to install small spotlights on the wall going up my staircase, the staircase goes up three levels so would need approximately 30 spots . The walls are going to be solid plastered, ie not plasterboard. Is this possible and can you advise what is needed and how to proceed. Thank you

Thanks for the question.  Installing small spotlights into the wall going up a staircase is straightforward but there are a number of things to bear in mind.

The fittings can be installed into installation sleeves for ease of installation and finish in a solid plastered wall.  We can ship installation sleeves with O rings ahead of the fittings so you can have the installation prepared at the right time in the construction and then install the fittings at second fix stage.  See the image below for an example of an installation sleeve and small LED accent light typically used for staircase lighting.

LD42a LED accent light480 Sleeve with O-rings-smaller_600px


The fitting shown here is the LD42 – the LD42 range of fittings are one of our more popular fittings for this application as they are small, have optional anti-glare features in the LD42a and LD42w models and up to 14 can be run from a single driver depending on spec.  You can see suitable drivers for these fittings here.

If you’re not sure what a driver is, you should read The Lighting Buyer’s Technical Reference Guide  It’s our primer to choosing, specifying and designing with LED lighting.

We can offer a wider range of fittings than this model of course so if you’d like more information then please give us a call or drop us a line.