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A Red Revolution

It’s one hundred years since the October revolution in Russia.  It’s a good day to talk about a Red revolution.

Socialist Revolutionary Party Election Poster 1917
The BBC published this article featuring ten posters from 1917.  I love poster artwork and there’s some beautiful examples in the article.  What’s the tenuous link with lighting?  We spend a lot of our time lighting artwork and lighting some of these would provide a real challenge.  They’re particularly red and red is a difficult colour for LED to render accurately.  In the last few weeks we’ve been taking delivery of fittings that offer a step change in how well they render colour in general and red in particular.  We’re in the process of making the fittings available through our website and specifying them into projects.

Red is important in giving an accurate representation of many colours including making white a “truer” white.  So improving the way a LED light source renders red has a big impact on how we perceive the quality of light it outputs.  The new Origin LED light engine fittings have a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 98 and the best red (R9 99) we’ve seen.  It’s a red revolution.

New Origin LED Engine fittings

DINO Tilt and Rotate LED Adjustable DownlightThe new Origin LED light engine fittings are replacing the QUAD engine fittings here.  We can continue to supply QUAD engine fittings for the foreseeable future but we’ll be phasing the Origin engines in over the next couple of weeks.  If you’d like the spec and prices for the new engine models, give us a call.  For now, here’s a taster.

The DINO Tilt & Rotate replaces the Detail Mini Tilt & Rotate.  The Origin engine gives a CRI of 98 while retaining an output of over 900 lumens (931 lumens at 2700K and 28° beam width).  It’s rotatable through 360° with a 28° tilt.  It makes it an exceptional light source for kitchens, bathrooms (there’s an optional IP65 rated variant) or anywhere else you want the most accurate colour rendering.

We’ll post an update when the complete new range is up.  For now it’s a great addition to the range of fittings we can design into our schemes.


The original inspiration from this post came from this BBC article – Russian Revolution: Ten propaganda posters from 1917.  It’s brilliant political art and some of it really is red.
If your Russian is up to it (mine isn’t) this looks to be a cracking resource as well – State Central Museum of Russian Contemporary History

Bolshevik Party 1917 Election Poster