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Brilliant Lighting Store Updates

2017 seems to be shooting by and we’ve been busy working away behind the scenes to improve the Brilliant Lighting store.  Buying high quality LED fittings isn’t easy.  The terminology might not be familiar if your previous experience is of buying halogen or even the good old fashioned light bulb.  The range of products on offer might seem overwhelming and the range of prices might appear inexplicable.  That’s why we first launched the Brilliant Lighting store a couple of years ago.  Since then we’ve been looking at ways we can make choosing the right product even simpler.  Today’s updates hopefully take one step closer to that.

So what’s new?

TXDEL350D, 500D, 700D LED DriverOne of the the most complicated things about buying LED fittings is specifying the drivers.  Drivers are the self-contained power supplies that regulate the power to one or more LED fittings.  They might simply allow the fitting to be switched on or off or they might allow fitting(s) to be dimmed.  Fittings have different characteristics and a driver might be able to drive one or more fittings up to a maximum number.  As well as a maximum, some drivers have a minimum number of fittings they can be used with.  It’s not surprising that people find it confusing.

From today we hope we can remove some of that confusion.  When choosing a product that needs a driver just tell us how bright you want the fitting to be and how you want to dim it and we’ll offer you the appropriate driver and tell you how many of your chosen fittings that driver will run.  You’ll be able to pop them straight in your basket from there.  Simple and if you need any more advice we’re alway on the end of the phone.

The other thing we’ve simplified is how we display pricing.  This change is long overdue.  From today the price of your product will update as you add options that affect the price.  it’s only a small change and it’s been on the hit list for a bit now and but it’s very welcome.

We’ve two new ranges that will be added to the store soon.  Check out the Brilliant Lighting Store here.   In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like that you can’t see today give us a ring on 01845 525664 or send an email to

Intermarketing AgencyA big thanks to the digital agency that built the Brilliant Lighting Store

This site was designed and developed by the clever people at Intermarketing in Leeds.  A big thank you to Richard, Liam, Katherine, Adam, Tom & Joanna.

For more on the basics of LED lighting have a look at our microsite Residential Lighting Design or download the Lighting Buyer’s Technical Reference Guide