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“Installing totally invisible loudspeakers” Amina Training Day

It was great to host a day’s training yesterday for one of our partner suppliers, Amina technologies.  Amina are the world’s leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions and Brilliant has worked with them on a number of projects over the last ten years.

Amina Training - Totally Invisible LoudspeakersAmina makes totally invisible loudspeakers.  The best way to uderstand how they work and what they sound like is to experience them.  Brilliant has a demo room with a 5.1 Amina system and this is an ideal demo room for the training.  The training itself covers specifying invisible loudspeakers and understanding the details of the Amina range.  The overview is followed by designing and installing invisible loudspeakers.  Getting the details of positioning, preparation and the installation itself right is critical.  Matt Holland does a great job running through how to specify, design and install invisible speakers.  The course is spread over a day with presentations and demo sessions and the attendees get a lot from it.

Brilliant no longer installs wider home technology like multiroom audio and video, home cinemas and media rooms but we really “get” technology integration.  Totally discrete solutions are often important to our clients.  Much of our historic work has involved integrating technology, lighting and interior design.  Today we work alongside AV and Interior Design specialists but the integration points are still the same.  Amina’s invisible loudspeakers fit very well with our offering; they give you great audio with no visual impact at all.

As well as installer training, Amina also offers a very popular RIBA & BIID approved CPD course.  If you’re an architect, specifier or design professional and you’d like more details then contact Amina at

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