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ISE 2014; Seminars, saviours and hidden gems

The plan was simple.  Fly to Amsterdam, deliver the “Managing Lighting in the Home” seminar, meet suppliers, come home. Our first day at this year’s ISE conference in Amsterdam didn’t quite go to plan.

Downloading lighting presentationI’ve said before that ISE is vast.  So if you’re planning to deliver a seminar in the new Residential Solutions Theatre, it pays to try and get there early just to find it.  Which turns out to be a really good idea when the memory stick with your presentation on it turns out to be completely empty.

For a conference with the the highest density of technology geeks in Europe, it’s really quite hard to find Internet access.  1000’s of wireless networks but not a lot of ways out into the outside world.   So I’m very grateful to Suzanne at CEDIA for digging out a laptop and giving me wired access to get the 30MB presentation from Dropbox.

"Managing Lighting in the Home" ISE 2014The new Residential Solutions Theatre at ISE is great this year.  Sofas, beanbags, cushions and pretty cool sound and lighting.  It was packed for “Managing Lighting in the Home”.

The seminar is a session that looks at the changing lighting landscape, the demands that places on the lighting designer and the different mindset required to design with new sources and lighting control systems.  It’s illustrated with a large array of real life lighting design projects we’ve done and got a great reception from the ISE audience.

Hidden Gems

Simon Scotland of Extra Vegetables demos the QNAP NAS driverOutside of the big established players, one of the joys of ISE is finding the new products or services that might allow us to offer new features or functionality.  This year we found a beauty.  Voicepod isn’t exactly a secret.  What really excites us is the integration potential with Control4.  We’ll be putting Voicepod into our showrooms and testing it.  It might not be ready for the mainstream yet but we’re keen to find out if voice control of home automation, lighting and security is closer to becoming a reality.  Voicepod was one of the many vendors in the marketplace on the Control4 stand.  Extra Vegetables also caught the eye with the new HeatmiserNeo  integration and a really neat driver for the QNAP NAS drive.