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Light and Colour; a different perspective on colour

The colour and quality of light is an important subject for us at Brilliant.  Colour is an inherent characteristic of light but when we talk about colour we mean much more than a few coloured LEDs thrown in to add interest to an otherwise plain scheme.  This month’s work schedule gives an insight to the relationship of light and colour and the role it has in our lighting design work.

ArtView Picture Light
ArtView Picture Light

Three appointments a few days apart show the different side of colour in lighting design.   We look at lighting a magnificent art collection, tweak the final execution of a spa and pool in a new build home and review an amazing video and audio responsive lighting control system.  All three sessions involve LED lighting deployed in very different ways but each shows the flexibility of this lighting source.

Lighting a Stunning Private Art Collection

The artwork that we’ve been lighting this month is a splendid private collection.  We can’t say too much about it but it’s a collection of real significance.  Our specialist ArtView picture light is designed to draw out the finest detail from artwork and provide an even light across even the largest canvases.  The pictures we’re lighting would have originally been lit by candle light and the owners are keen that we light the pictures sympathetically.  We’ve specified 2750k sources in the ArtView fittings and we have individual control of the light intensity from each fitting.  This means we can tune the light on each picture exactly to our clients’ requirements – some of the pictures have lighting running at less than 5%.   The results are absolutely stunning, understated and revealing.  We hope to be able to do a full case study on the design and fitting specification on this project shortly.

Light and Colour in a Pool and Spa

Lighting the Sauna and Changing Room
Lighting the Sauna and Changing Room

It’s rather a contrast to the pool and spa in a new build in Knaresborough.  The colour of the light is critical to the feel of the pool and spa.  Large areas of the space have no natural light, so the quality of the light and colour rendering is very important.  The build is characterised by really high quality materials: bookmark stone slabs and and very rich polished plaster.  To make sure we enhance rather than wash out the finishes we’ve been doing live testing with our chosen fittings at the stone yard.  If the light was too golden the stone would turn brown, too blue and it would look chilly.  We’ve been able to specify and test the perfect warm white with really good colour rendering.

The build has thrown up another challenge in delivering consistency of light across the space.  The Treatment Room and Sauna are divided by a glass wall.  The high temperatures in the sauna have meant using halogen in that area.  Halogen and LED have very different colour characteristics and we’ve matched the colour to use a mixture of LED and halogen across the whole Spa area.

A New Dimension in Colour Change Control

Getting light and colour right is important in lighting valuable artwork or delivering the best look and feel in a luxurious spa.  It’s also possible to have real fun with light and colour.  We use DMX to control colour changing LED and we’re really interested in what can be achieved with the amBX lighting control system.  Uniquely, it responds to audio and video inputs so lighting, audio and video can be integrated to create a completely immersive environment.  We’re reviewing the system now to understand how we might use it in our own showroom.  It’s not the solution for every project but in the right setting it looks like it will be able to delivery uniquely brilliant results.

The Lighting Buyer's Technical Reference GuideWe’re keen that people understand more about the underlying technology that underpins our design work.  The Lighting Buyer’s Technical Reference Guide is a short guide to choosing, specifying and wiring LED lighting.  Light and colour is one of the topics we cover.  The guide has been developed to support our new online lighting store which we plan to have live in the next few weeks.