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David Harber

Lighting the Mantle Sculpture and Pool

We’ve used images from this photo shoot before.  We use them all over this website because they’re a wonderful example of lighting design realised into a finished project.

But I can’t resist posting the link to the David Harber website as they battle through London Design Week.  David’s work is incredible and we’ve been really lucky to work with him on this and other projects we’ve not been able to photograph.  Here’s what David is doing at Decorex in September 2017.

Where’s the blog gone?

If you’re one of the handful of people thinking “hey up, where’s the activity on the blog?” you’re possibly from Yorkshire.  If you think the same but without the “hey up” then you might be beyond the county boundaries.  Either way, we’re sorry we’ve been so quiet for the last month.  We’ve got so much going on, so bear with us and we’ll give you a proper update next week.   Lots and lots going on but it’s all good, we think.


David Harber – some of the most beautiful garden sculptures you’ll ever see.  And it’s not only gardens.  Have a look.
Lighting a Private Spa – some more images from this beautiful project.