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Linear LED Lighting

Orelle 24 with cowl and leadLinear LED lighting is an invaluable source of light.  It’s perfect for discreet concealed installations adding accents and interesting washes.  We use linear LED lighting in kitchens to underlight kitchen lights and wash walls above units to visually raise spaces.  We use linear lighting in coffers or integrated into walls or furniture to produce interesting ceiling and wall effects.  It’s a great lighting source in bathrooms; we even use linear LED lighting in external schemes.  It’s a fabulously versatile light source.

It’s customisable so we can supply to fit any application.  We can supply fittings of different size, output and profile and we can specify a range of colour temperatures and provide anti-glare accessories.  That degree of customisation has meant we’ve not offered it for sale outside of projects to date but given the amount of enquiries we get for linear LED fittings we’re tying something new by offering an online configurator.  There are more details below but before we look at that, let’s look at what we mean by linear LED fittings and how they can be used.

Linear LED Lighting Examples

How to specify and price Linear LED Lighting – our configurator

We are in the process of creating configurators for our most commonly used Linear LED Lighting fittings.  The first to go live is for the versatile Orelle 24 fitting.  It’s a cost-effective, high quality fitting available in 110, 310, 610, 910 and 1810mm lengths and assemblies of 20m can be built up to run off a single driver.  We’ve produced a set of example configurations to go alongside the configurator.  If you’re interested in seeing how linear LED lighting might work in your project please have a look.   You can build up your fitting to suit your design and get a cost for the complete assembly.  You can even submit the configuration to us and one of the design team can have a look at the specification and sense-check it or see if there is a more cost-effective route. You can access the Orelle 24 Linear LED fitting configurator here.

LED Linear lighting is a rapidly changing area and it’s proving difficult to offer an accurate up-to-date online configurator.  We’re having to rethink how we do this but in the meantime the best way to discuss LED linear lighting is to pick up the phone and give us a shout – 01845 525664