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Stars of London Design Week 2017

London Design Week is a fantastic opportunity to see wonderful British and International design at its best. I had a very full couple of days (well, day and a half, I also ran a lighting training session for a leading architects firm) trotting around Focus, 100% Design and Design Junction.

Inspirational surfaces and materials

There are some super new light fittings on the market – I’ll come back to a few which caught my eye later – but decorative lighting is only part of the story. When designig architectural lighting, for the lighting to be fabulous it helps to have interesting things to light.  I loved Logical Space Designs laser cut screens which are all about the juxtaposition of light and shadow.  They would look fabulous back lit.

Laser Space Designs - London Design Week 2017

Laser Space Designs at London Design Week

Lighting things from the front can be equally dramatic, and stone has always been a wonderful warm material to highlight. Modern technology now means that you don’t need to move tons of rock in to your house to do this.  Stone now comes in wafer thin (and flexible!) 2mm thin sheets.

Stone from QLA Interiors

QLA Interiors had an interesting range at surprisingly reasonable prices.   The photo here was shot over this weekend at Grand Designs Live and their stand was permanently busy.

Sometimes though only the warmth and softness of fabric will do, and Wallace and Sewell had a stand out collection of colours. They were exhibiting wondeful soft woollen bed throws, but I think these would just come alive as wall hangings lit with top quality light.

Wallace & Sewell Fabric

Inspirational Decorative Lighting

In terms of decorative light fittings themselves, I loved the Gong range with their contemporary interpretations of old ideas.

Gong Decorative Lighting

And finally for  just sheer jewel-like beauty (as well as a fair amount of heft….you can weigh the quality).  Bella Figura’s new Acorn lamps are just fantastic. Apparently the glass wrapping technique was previously used on a premium whisky bottle…..and was spotted by one of Bella Figura’s owners whilst sipping a small dram. Negotiations then ensued with the glass blower in Scotland….

Bella Figura Acorn Decorative Lighting

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