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Team News: New Team Members for a New Year

The first full week back after Christmas and New Year wasn’t exactly a gentle start to the year.  We’ve got a lot of new projects kicking off and a couple of long-running projects to finish.  The really big team news is  that we have two new team members, Fiona and Sarah.

Team News – Introducing our new starters

Fiona Grzedzicki (we call her Fiona…) joined us before Christmas as Business Support Manager.  Fiona is looking after accounts, office back-end processes and basically keeps us all in line.  She’s currently working on getting our new online store ready for its launch.  The new store is something we’re really excited about here.  It’s been in development for a few months now and our digital agency are doing a great job of making the complex business of buying high quality light fittings more simple.  We’ll be revealing a lot more detail about our lighting store shortly.

Lighting Design - Training

Sarah Laud joined us at the beginning of the year as a Lighting Designer, working alongside Melanie.  Sarah joins us from a background in designing installations for museums and exhibitions.  She’s got a real creative flair and brings a new perspective to what we do.   She’s also highly skilled in AutoCAD and other 3D design packages so she’s currently learning the DIALux software we use to build lighting scheme visualisations.   We’re delighted to have join our lighting design team.

We’re looking to strengthen the team further.   We are looking for another Lighting Controls engineer to grow the on-site team.  If you’re interested in finding out more then drop us a line with your CV to