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What does a Lighting Designer do? A typical day

What does a lighting designer do?  This is a quick review from a day last, a pretty typical day in a typically busy week for our Lighting Design Director, Melanie Shaw…though we don’t have a photo shoot here everyday.

Melanie Shaw, Lighting Design Director - photo shoot for Business Quarterly

Photo Shoot for Business Quarterly Magazine

The first thing in the diary is a photo shoot with the photographer for Business Quarterly (BQ) magazine.  BQ are running a profile on the business and Melanie as part of their focus on female entrepreneurs.  The photo shoot was pretty good fun.  We used a number of displays in the showroom and some of our new products still in development.  The shot here shows Melanie demonstrating the effects from our innovative LED picture light for large canvasses.

With the shots in the can and the photographer packed up and gone it’s time to look at some initial design concepts for a project at an early design stage.

Initial Lighting Design Concepts

We often use initial lighting design concepts to check our understanding of our clients’ briefs to us.  A typical design concept contains a summary of the look and feel we’re trying to achieve, a ballpark idea on costs and images of example products.  Each project is very different.  Providing early design concepts helps us and our clients check we’re on the right track.  Melanie prepares a concept document with outline costings for a project in Oxfordshire and emails it to our prospective customers

Liaising with the Site Team and Project Manager

One thing that makes us an unusual lighting design business is the amount of time and effort we put into making our lighting designs work on the ground.  Melanie and Russell, our project manager spend a couple of hours going through current live projects; updating project plans and following up.  The sites we work with are really appreciate of the detail, documentation and onsite time they get from us.  Melanie and Russell finish up the project review with the usual list of action steps which are documented for each project.

Client Meeting in the Showroom

We’ve got a potential new client meeting in the afternoon with a couple we’ve met at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show.  They’re bringing in sets of plan to discuss lighting design for a barn conversion in West Yorkshire.  These meetings are at the heart of what we do as lighting designers.    The meetings will typically take 2-3 hours with us trying to understand as much as we can about what the clients are trying to achieve.  The more detail our clients have on look, feel, interior design, kitchens, bathrooms etc the better.   Today’s meeting is great – our clients are clear about what they want the house to look like – understated, classic.  They’ve brought in full drawings including the staircase and kitchen details which will help our initial design thoughts enormously.

Finally testing a new LED fitting range

The last thing on the agenda for today is to do some testing on some new LED fittings from one of our larger suppliers.  Testing fittings is a critical activity.  We need to be certain about how fittings behave not just what they look like.  That means testing for colour and comparative output. It also means testing for compatability with drivers and our preferred control systems.  Testing means we can be confident that the fittings we specify are going to deliver the results we want.  Just as importantly, they are going to behave properly when being dimmed by a lighting control system.

So what does a Lighting Designer do?

Why use a professional lighting designer

Put simply it’s balancing science and art to deliver inspirational lighting.  Lighting design is about helping people to achieve the look and feel they want for their home.  Going from concepts to a finalised installed lighting scheme involves design flair, high levels of technical expertise and real understanding of construction and project management.

We’re looking to strengthen the team further so if it’s something you’d be interested in talking to us about then contact us here.  If you’d like to know more about Lighting Design and why you might choose Brilliant Ligting have a look at this introductory two pager – Why Choose a Professional Lighting Designer