Project Overview

This wonderful 1730’s barn was both a challenge and very exciting to light. The clients wanted to create a vibrant space for their young family, creating a contemporary feel whilst accentuating the stunning old barn features.

Challenges included lighting the 9.5m high central space without losing intimacy and ‘connection’ with the ground level, and conversely, creating a sense of height in some of the upstairs bathrooms which were tucked in under the eaves.

photography by Simon Warren

Lighting a 9m high space

The brief

The 9m high central area in the barn needs a multi-layered approach to provide a sense of continuity through the space.

Custom Glass Chandelier

This hand-blown glass chandelier can be custom made to any size and colour combination.  Contact us for further information.

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Air Rose Surface Spot

The spot has a 360 degree adjustable gimbal and here mounts directly to the beam.  Great for locations where recessing is not an option.

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In-ground wall wash and accent light.   Please contact us for further information

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Layers of light in the kitchen

The brief

The kitchen has a surprisingly low ceiling for such a tall building.  The lighting is built up in layers with task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting all given careful attention.

Kitchen lighting in an old barn

Lit shelves add punchy light to give more a daylight feel to the kitchen

Small LED accent lights

Delicate accent lighting with LED adds sparkle to the kitchen island unit

The O-Space light chosen to complement the Ant dining chairs adds fun to the family dining area.

Dino Tilt & Rotate Twin

A rotatable, adjustable twin downlight.  It rotates 360 degrees and tilts 28 degrees.

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Lighting for low ceilings in the bathrooms

The brief

The bathroooms are squeezed into the roof space creating rooms with very low ceilings.  The challenge was to lift these small spaces.


Small recessed LED light, great for accent lighting as seen here.

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Dino Fixed

A small fixed LED downlight delivering a punchy 810 lumens in warm white

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