Project Overview

We’re lucky to have the chance to work on the most magnificent buildings.  Lighting this barn has been challenging, fun and educational in equal measure.   The space is made up of a vast 15th Century barn, a sympathetic brick new build and a glazed link between the two.  The project required a unifying lighting scheme with the need for individual zoning and the ability to create more intimate spaces in this magnificent setting.

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Lighting the whole barn

The brief

The 15th Century Barn is effectively one enormous space and the lighting needs to be able to complement the architecture and be coherent across the space.  The dining area features a large sail to bring intimacy to mealtimes and presents a real challenge to get light onto the table.

Lighting an incredible barn

High output downlights (1400 lumens) on custom brackets throw light onto the sail.  The dining area is bathed in a soft diffuse light and the sail also reflects light upwards.

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Lighting the glazed link

The brief

The glazed link joins the new build and the old barn.  It’s a very modern statement, needs lighting that is sympathetic to the architecture and has to work with the overall scheme when viewed from outside.

Lighting the glazed link: the glazed link between the barn and new build

Creating custom fixing points

The brief

The Listed nature of the barn meant we were keen to avoid drilling into the ancient beams yet because of the height of the space the beams made an ideal fixing point.

Custom Fixing Point for Kitchen Track Lighting

Custom Bracket

Custom brackets for the kitchen track lighting mean less drilling into the massive beams

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Using high output fittings

The brief

The size of the barn makes it important to select fittings with sufficient output.  There are limited fixing points so both the beams and the floor offer opportunities but only using high output fittings.

High Output LED Uplight

We specified fittings with 1400 lumens output in the floors and on the beams to fill the space.  The fittings are available custom made to order.

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