Project Overview

We were asked to design the lighting for this beautiful Medieval and Georgian country house.   Lighting artwork was a significant part of the brief and the challenges included a huge hall, concealed lighting for the snug and lighting a wonderful art collection.

The Medieval hall

The brief

We can’t talk about the history of this space or the building itself but suffice it to say it’s a beautiful medieval hall.   It’s filled with wonderful artwork and tapestries but it’s not an art gallery; it’s a living room that’s in regular use.  The lighting has to sit well in a large but cosy space lit with candles and a huge roaring fire.

Layered Lighting in a Medieval Hall

Ground Recessed LED uplights

High quality ground recessed uplights fill the window arches lifting our eyes up in the space.  They’re a discreet fitting doing a very important job in the scheme.

Powerful, discreet LED uplight

ArtView LED Picture Light

The ArtView is a specialist LED picture light that is tailor made for the artwork it is lighting.  It’s capable of lighting substantial canvases with an even , revealing and dimmable light

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Lighting the picture wall

The brief

The snug is a cosy retreat with an eclectic collection of artwork on the wall.  The challenge is to light each picture to its best advantage with flexibility for future changes.

Lighting the picture wall

Custom ArtView LED picture lights are suspended from a bespoke mounting rail concealing the power and control cabling.   Each ArtView is tuned to its own picture’s characteristics giving wonderful even light.

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Warm & cosy kitchen lighting

The brief

The kitchen is a ‘contemporary take on traditional’, with a tall ceiling and imposing AGA surround; it’s also the heart of the home. The lighting had to be functional, interesting, warm, and simple.  The overall style isn’t fussy but the quality is wonderful.

warm, cozy LED kitchen lighting

Adjustable LED downlights

Adjustable downlights with high output, wonderful colour rendering and great dimming performance

Adjustable LED downlights; great colour, great dimming

Linear Fittings

High output linear fittings add volume to the space.  Colour temperature is consistent across the room for a harmonious look.

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Discreet shelf lighting

The brief

The snug is a lovely comfy retreat.  The shelving is home to some real family treasures with the focus they warrant.  The shelving and lighting were developed together to provide a suitable home for precious family objects.

Shelving lit with discreet linear fittings

Recessed LED linear lighting

Custom lengths of linear LED fitting with frosted covers.  Incredibly soft accent lighting for fitted furniture.

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Uplighting the stone door

The brief

Some of the features of this unique home are astonishing.  The lighting needs to be simple and make the most of the beauty of the building and the things in it.

Lighting Artwork & Architectural detail in the hallway

Discreet & Punchy uplights

Continued developments in LED technology have given us improved output & better colour rendering without increasing fitting size.   Discreet uplights frame the medieval door in this hallway

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