Project Overview

This new build contemporary space was designed to be open plan, light and airy, a warm family home, a party venue, and a series of intimate spaces linked by distant focal points.  A potentially conflicting set of requirements, but all possible with careful planning and  imaginative lighting design.

Lighting design awards 2011 FinalistThe open plan kitchen, dining area and family space required three separate but sympathetic lighting treatments and the stunning staircase demanded to be lit. Lighting throughout is controlled by Lutron Homeworks.

This project earned Brilliant a nomination as Finalists in the Lighting Design Awards 2011 Residential Lighting category.

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photography by Simon Warren

Kitchen lighting

The brief

The streamlined kitchen sees constant use.  We needed to develop a highly functional scheme with a contemporary sleek feel.

Stylish, functional Kitchen lighting

QR111 Trimmed Fitting

A striking, powerful contemporary downlight provides good quality light for the worktop areas and general infill.

Insite LED

A striking yet discreet LED here used to provide a low level focal point on the end of the kitchen island.

Custom dining room lighting

The brief

The naturally light dining area presented a challenge of very few fixing points.  Brilliant Lighting developed a custom mounting for the discreet table lighting.

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting with a bespoke lighting profile over the table

Low Profile Aluminum Fitting

This low profile aluminum fitting provides great dining light to the table.  The fixing is a clever custom made fixing mount designed for this application.

Dramatic dining room lighting

The brief

In the evening or in party mood, the dining room lighting provides a wonderful backdrop.  Floor recessed colour changing LED sets the scene here in a soft pink.

Magna RGB

DMX contolled coloured lighting can be set to any colour.  Lighting across the house is controlled by a Lutron Homeworks control system.

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The concrete staircase

The brief

The staircase rising from the heart of the ground floor provides a stunning focal point aside the more formal lounge.  It called out to be lit but represented a real challenge; it was fabricated out of concrete prior to us starting on the project, and with marble cladding and a glass handrail it provided no obvious fixing points for the lighting.

Concrete Staircase beautifully lit

Mushroom tread lights

We used these hooded LED lights to provide a wonderful sculptural wash rising up to the steps rising up to the first floor.   The building team core-drilled the concrete for mounting and wiring access.  The result is discreet, elegant and striking.

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Colour Changing LED – LD56 (RGB)

A small, colour changing low glare LED fitting.

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Open plan hallway and stairs lighting

The brief

The entrance hall, seating area and spectacular staircase receive different lighting treatments but the net result is a wonderfully unified lighting scheme.

LD64 “mushroom” LEDs

Little LED “mushroom” lights mounted on the outer edge of each step provide a wonderful sculptural wash across each tread.

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Low glare niche lighting

This punchy low glare light is the perfect fitting to pick out this focal point niche.

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Warm white Magna LED

A recessed floor light picking up the sculpural curve of the underside of the staircase.  Please contact us for further information.

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Antique French Chandelier

This chandelier sourced from an auction in France provides a wonderful golden light up and down through the heart of the house.

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