Project Overview

The brief for the lighting design in this beautiful North Yorkshire country house was to create the warmth and elegance of a luxury country hotel.  Lighting is integral to the feel of the house; it provides great functional task light, drama where appropriate and the odd surprise.  The project covered the whole of the interior with external lighting in the extensive gardens.

The lighting design is complemented by a house-wide lighting control system from Rako.  The lighting control system offers scene control, security integration and house-wide commands like “whole house off” and “holiday mode”.

Glamorous kitchen lighting

The brief

This much-used real cooks’ kitchen not only has to look great but it really has to work well at a functional level.  Surprisingly low ceilings for the size of the room could make the space quite oppressive and as the heart of the house, the room has to double up as a relaxing casual dining room and fabulous entertaining space.

Kitchen lighting in a North Yorkshire home

Hekowa Up/Down light

The Hekowa fires light up and down the pillar, taking your eye up and raising what could be an oppressively low space

Twin Grid Downlight

Individually circuited.  These downlights provide great working light across the island with no awkward shadows.

Bay Window Uplights

These miniature LED uplights provide accent lighting in the elegant Bay Window.

Coffer and stair lighting

The brief

The orangery at the end of the kitchen is a relaxed chill out space.  At night it is lit with a coffer light which gives a wonderful golden glow in the roof space.  The entrance to the kitchen is picked out with subtle stair lighting.  It’s a warm, welcoming space to come home to on a winter’s evening.

Kitchen and Coffer Lighting in a North Yorkshire Home

Recessed coffer lighting in the Orangery ceiling gives a warm glow.  It helps mark out one of the zones in this multi-purpose room.

Subtle Step Lighting

The LD47 fitting delivers a subtle wash of light across the steps.  The stair lighting is one of the layers of light in this welcoming scheme.

Lighting the smallest room

The brief

Sometimes great lighting can be the simplest lighting; sometimes great lighting is just about the right fitting in the right place.   Even the smallest room in this house gets real attention to detail in the design.

Giovi light in a WC

Giovi Wall Light

The Giovi wall light adds a little surprise to the smallest room in the house.   A classic example of the perfect fitting for a certain location.