Project Overview

This beautifully restored country house is rich in architectural detail, which our lighting design experts set out to accentuate.  The lighting is simple and discreet, emphasising focal points and creating moods with layers of light.

Photography by Charlotte Gale

Opulent LED bathroom lighting

The brief

This wonderful bath recessed into the bay of the window is framed with uplights.  The effect uses LED uplighters and downlighters.

Beautifully framed bath in a window recess

LD41 LED Uplighter

The IP 68 rated LD41 can be run up to 1.7W at 500mA.  It can be specified with a choice of lens angles and LED colour

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Bespoke glass chandelier for the stairs

The brief

The staircase called for a large decorative fitting.  We wanted to avoid using an ultra-modern fitting and wanted a warm, welcoming piece that wouldn’t be dwarfed by the architecture.

Hand-blown glass chandelier

This custom, hand-blown glass chandelier can be made in all sizes and colours to suit the most challenging spaces.  This example uses a 75%  Amber Gold / 25% Raspberry mix.

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Layers of light in the corridor

The brief

The upper floor corridor offers a striking sight line through the house.  The lighting is built up in layers of LED and incandescent sources.

Low level LED and incandescent sources lighting this sculptural corridor


A tiny, high quality but simple LED fitting used here for accent uplighting

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French Horn Wall Light

These timeless and elegant wall lights suit a range of interior styles

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The conservatory at night

The brief

The Conservatory is a wonderfully chilled area; a space for the grown-ups to relax when the children have gone to bed.  The lighting needs to be intimate, warm and welcoming.

Compiegne Chandelier

This substantial but delicate chandelier looks stunning in light and airy spaces such as garden rooms, conservatories, hallways and kitchens.

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Our smallest LED fitting.  A high quality but simple LED fitting useful for a wide range of accent lighting.

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