Project Overview

Swinton Park is a luxury castle hotel in the Yorkshire Dales, and is the ancestral home of the Earls of Swinton.  The client was looking for a lighting design company to revamp the long corridor running through the core of the house which was rather gloomy.

The space has been transformed; top quality picture lighting has brought the family portraits to life, and custom made LED uplights enhance the wonderful creamy marble of the pillars.  Swinton Park - Luxury Castle Hotel in the Yorkshire DalesThe overall effect is stunning and has had a great reception by both the clientele and the team at Swinton Park.

Lighting the corridor at Swinton Park

The brief

Beautiful marble pillars frame the corridor at each end, and on either side of the entrance to the bar.  The custom made bronze LED uplights have just the right amount of tilt for the light to reach the carved frieze at the top of the columns, and the recessed optics and anti-glare louvres make the fittings very discrete to walk past.  Top quality LED chips provide wonderful colour rendering for the creamy stone and red wallpaper.

Picture lighting and accent lighting at Swinton Park

Contact us for details on custom floor mounted LED uplights.  These fittings have been tuned to bring out the creamy colour of the stone while providing minimal glare.  We offer a large range of uplights for internal and external use.

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Lighting the portraits in the corridor

The brief

The family portraits each needed lighting.  The canvases are large and each requires a different treatment to deliver a consistent effect along the corridor.  We used the ArtView LED Picture Light to give us the level of control we needed to light each piece.

ArtView LED Picture Light at Swinton Park

The family portraits have been brought alive with our ArtView picture lights.  Each ArtView fitting is custom made for each picture so that the amount of light, the way that the light travels over the canvas, and the colour of the light are all exactly right.

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Lighting the portrait over the fire

The brief

Although dwarfed by the size of the fireplace, the portrait over it is actually quite substantial.   Normal picture lights would just light the top part of the picture; the ArtView is designed to gently wash light  across the whole canvas, bringing out depth and details that wouldn’t otherwise be seen.

The portrait over the fireplace in the dining room at Swinton Park Hotel

Each ArtView is made to measure and individually controllable.  The result is lighting tuned to the size and characteristics of each picture.

Developing the ArtView Picture Light