Project Overview

This stunning new build house has been designed to look glamorous, feel wonderful, be easy to control and work on a very practical level throughout. The design had to work functionally, safely (with two young children, accessible fittings had to be cold to the touch) and as efficiently as possible.

The whole house lighting is controlled by Lutron Homeworks which also controls electric curtains and blinds and integrates with the home automation system from AMX.

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photography by Simon Warren

An open plan entrance hall, kitchen and dining room

The brief

The open plan design of the kitchen, entrance hall and dining room means that the lighting has to be sympathetically treated across the space with specific lighting treatments for each zone.  The unified lighting scheme is controlled with Lutron Homeworks for ease-of-use.

A layered lighting design - lighting for the kitchen, dining room and hallway


A very low glare miniature recessed LED wall light, delivering 94 lumens.

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Lighting the luxurious master suite

The brief

The en-suite is a rich, luxurious room with deep, soft fabrics and a beautiful modern bathroom.  The lighting scheme highlights the focal points and gives a calming  yet striking feel to the room.

LED lighting in an en-suite bedroom


LD12 LT is a very small and versatile product, it gives out a very broad and even glow at very close distances

More LED fittings

Dino Tilt & Rotate

A small fully rotatable and adjustable LED downlight


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Lighting the bathroom

The brief

The bathroom features a wonderful asymmetric bath that cried out to be lit.  We templated the shape on-site, cabled and fixed installation sleeves twelve months before the bath itself was installed.  The glass wall is uplit with LED light in its base.

Assymetric bath uplit with tiny floor mounted LED lights


Our smallest LED fitting.  A high quality but simple LED fitting useful for a wide range of accent lighting.  Delivers 93 lumens.

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Dino Tilt & Rotate

A small (80mm) rotatable and adjustable LED downlight

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High output Panel LED – superb surface washer.   Please contact us for more information.

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