Brilliant Lighting’s RIBA approved CPD programme

We regularly deliver lighting design CPD lectures and seminars. As members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network we are committed to developing new, relevant CPD material for architects and other design professionals. We currently have three RIBA approved CPD seminars with a third seminar on Lighting Control in development. In addition to the seminars we can now offer two new RIBA approved webinars.

Our core introductory CPD is Inspirational Lighting Design; the art, science and magic of light. It was designed to address the issue of designing magical, inspirational lighting schemes in the age of LED. It looks at the changing lighting landscape and how that has impacted on lighting design. The seminar is highly visual and illustrated throughout with case studies and physical samples (where appropriate). The seminar is aimed at architects and design professionals working on bespoke or one-off residential work.

Inspirational Lighting Design; lighting for listed and historic homes builds on our core CPD. It looks in more detail at the challenges encountered in lighting historic and sensitive buildings and how new technology is providing new solutions to traditional problems. Again, this seminar focuses on residential rather than commercial buildings.

Brilliant Lighting is a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network

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Lighting Control; bringing inspirational lighting to life. Our latest CPD was approved in April 2016. It looks at Lighting Control in greater detail. It covers what homeowners are looking for (and what they find off-putting or intimidating). It examines the range of options on the market from simple and fun DIY systems to whole-house solutions. Lighting Control systems are the best way to manage and control LED lighting and this seminar looks at the relationship between lighting control, LED and lighting design.

Our seminars fit into a typical lunchtime slot for individual practices and we’re happy to stay around and talk to anyone who has particular questions or issues they’re wrestling with. We’re equally happy addressing architects’ groups at evening or breakfast events and you’ll also find us running sessions at selected CPD Providers Network roadshows.

In addition to our seminars we can now also offer live webinars. The webinars have been through the RIBA approval process and were approved in April 2016. There’s no software to download; the webinars are simply accessed via a web browser.

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