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Mobile And Apps

Control your lights with your mobile or tablet, wherever you are.

Lighting Control At Your Fingertips

Apps are available for most of the lighting control systems and lighting controls are frequently integrated into the wider whole house control apps such as Control4, Crestron or Savant.  At their most simple they replicate the layout and controls of the wall-mounted keypads but that functionality isn’t all that useful.  Who wants to fish in their pocket to grab their phone to turn a room’s light on and off?  Things get much more useful when the app is doing something that a keypad can’t do.  One example is the ability to edit the behaviour of scenes and save them.  Editing scenes used to require an engineer armed with a laptop and the programming software used to set-up the system.  Now, it can be done by the homeowner with an iPad.  That’s a major and very welcome development.

Some people find the idea of using their phone or iPad to control their lighting intimidating.  For every technology fiend who comes into our showroom fired up by the idea of controlling everything from their phone we probably see another dozen who find it really off-putting.  That’s why we stress that tablet and phone control is a really useful add-on to wall keypads NOT a replacement for them.  Viewed as an additional way to control your lights they make a lot more sense.  The Lutron Connect app lets you control the whole house.  It gives you control over every keypad and even brings all your most used commands – “Whole house off”, “Security Mode on” together onto one screen along with heating monitoring and control.  It’s smart, simple to use and adds an extra dimension to your lighting control.  Most importantly, you the homeowner can change things yourself without calling out a technician.  Brilliant!

App Guide And Data Sheet

The Lutron Connect App and the Lutron Connect Bridge together extend the capability of your Lutron HomeWorks QS system.  To learn more about the capabilities of both have a look at the Lutron documentation.

Lutron Connect App Guide
Lutron Connect Bridge