Lighting High Ceilings

High ceilings help create wonderful, airy spaces and they present both opportunities and challenges for lighting.  Many rooms will need good task lighting on surfaces, and all spaces have occasions when they need to feel as though they’re on a more cosy ‘human’ scale.

High ceiling rooms also often have limited fixing points: eg; ornate plaster ceilings in old houses, or lots of glass in contemporary new builds.

Lighting a kitchen with high ceilings in a historic house

LED technology has helped with the issue of accessibility for lamp changing – you should simply need to replace lamps/fittings much less often – but typically only quite specialist LED fittings deliver the output to throw enough light over the distances required.

Wonderful sculptural artwork lit from below

This kitchen in an historic house has c.4m high ceilings.  The brief from the client was to have no hanging pendants, minimal downlighting and low energy sources wherever possible.

The solution was to design the pan rack to hide high quality LED fittings for excellent island lighting, and to use very high output, custom made linear fittings under and over the top cupboards.  We used two different colour temperature fittings for the ‘over unit’ lighting; a cool white LED fitting creates a more ‘daylight’ feel and a very warm white LED gives a golden evening glow.

As well as the aesthetic and technical challenges there are practical considerations.  This is not an area where you want frequent lamp replacement.

lighting in a barn bedroom with very high ceilingThe bedrooms in this eighteenth century barn were over 5m high (so tall they’re out of shot in this photo).   We worked with the client on the interior design, and the introduction of the dividing wall gave a fixing point for lighting both around the bed and for the dressing table and mirror on the other side.   A huge but visually lightweight pendant (out of shot) looks like a moon at night, and lamps provide warm lower level lighting.