LD95 floor/ceiling surfaced mounted spotlight
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  • LD95 floor/ceiling surfaced mounted spotlight
  • LD95 floor/ceiling surfaced mounted spotlight
  • LD95 floor/ceiling surfaced mounted spotlight
  • with optional glare shield
  • LD95 floor/ceiling surfaced mounted spotlight

LD95 floor/ceiling surfaced mounted spotlight

A miniature floor/ceiling surface mounted LED spotlight

Ideal for applications where a recessed fitting cannot be installed, and a discreet, non obtrusive solution is required

The LED is set deep within the fitting to reduce glare but for extra piece of mind there is an optional glare shield available

IP66 rated as standard making the LD97 suitable for both internal and external applications

Typical CRI of 93 with a Warm White LED

Quality of light is excellent and longevity is achieved with very good thermal management

A 50,000 life expectancy and a 3 year fitting warranty

UK flagDesigned and made in the UK.


To get the perfect results you choose the product attributes (eg output, beam width etc) below. The fittings need a separate driver and you will be taken through to the Driver Options page next. Because you are taken through automatically when you add fittings to the Basket, we suggest you read the Technical Section below first. This will help you make the right driver choice. For help with all the product attribute choices read our Technical Reference Guide (see pdf download below)

Average delivery 2-4 Weeks
Lamp Base N/A
Light Source Dedicated LED
Energy efficient? Yes (Part L Compliant)
Fitting Input 350mA, 500mA, 700mA
Max Watts/Fitting 1.2W @ 350mA
1.7W @ 500mA
2.4W @ 700mA
Max output (Lumens) at 3000K 350mA:- 90lm
500mA:- 123lm
700mA:- 164lm
What is this?

How hard the fitting is run. The higher the mA the more light output.

What is this?

We'll tell you how many fittings you can drive with your driver option on the next page.

What is this?

The colour of light. We use 2700K and 3000K most often.

What is this?

The narrower the beam the more focused the light and the further it travels.

What is this?

The colour and finish of the bezel.

What is this?

Reduces glare when the fitting is seen from one side. Also reduces light output on that side.


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The LD95 is ideal for situations where recessing a downight/uplight is not possible as it can be surface mounted with the LED shining down or up

Although the LD95 was designed for applications where recessing was not possible its minimal sleek design makes it an option for applications where seeing the light source would make for an interesting feature

The higher the current mA the fitting is run at the more light you will get but the warmer the fittings gets. The LD95 can be driven up to a current of 700mA (2.4W) with an ambient temperature of 35°C.

Driver options

The LD95 is a constant current fitting which requires a driver to run it, drivers can run multiple fittings but fittings must be wired in series With an appropriate driver the fitting is dimmable via 0-10V, DALI and Mains leading/trailing edge or non-dim. Please select dimming type on options tab above and that will take you through to a page detailing how many fittings you can run per driver

Installation Notes

The fittings should be wired in series and the cable run between the driver and the fitting should not exceed 10m. The driver should be located somewhere discrete, allowing air movement and be accessible for maintenance


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