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  1. Remove This Item Maximum wattage/fitting: 51w+
  1. White (2)
  2. Silver (6)
  3. Gold (5)
  4. Bronze (3)
  5. Coloured (2)
Light Source
  1. Retrofit LED (36)
Light Colour
  1. Lamp dependent (36)
Maximum wattage/fitting
  1. 1 - 2.5w (4)
  2. 2.6 - 7.5w (1)
  3. 7.6 - 12w (2)
  4. 13 - 25w (6)
  5. 26 - 50w (16)
  6. 51w+ (36)
Fitting Input
  1. 240v (36)
IP Rating/Wet Area Zone
  1. Non Wet Areas (IP20-IP43) (34)
  2. Wet Zone 2 (IP44-IP64) (1)
Energy efficient?
  1. Yes (with LED Lamp) (32)
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Decorative Lighting

Beautiful decorative lighting.
  • Nickel.  Shown with 7" Empire Slubby Beige Knife Pleated Silk Shade.  Lampshade sold separately.

    Library Swing Arm Wall Light, 2 Arm

    Library Swing Arm Wall Light 2 Arm, by Vaughan.  Available in Brass or Nickel.

    From £320.40
  • Small Backplate - Bronze finish

    Neptune Wall Light

    Design inspired by natural coral the fitting has a feel of organic flow from the backplate through to the sculptured arms

    From £324.00
  • Skipton Pendant

    Skipton Pendant

    Elegant pendant with a drizzled ribbon design on the glass shade, available in two sizes

    From £356.40
  • French Horn, US, Brass, shown with 11” Crescent Gardenia Linen Lampshade.  Lampshade  sold separately.

    French Horn Wall Light

    French Horn Wall Light, by Vaughan. 2 lights.  Available with a standard or larger (US) base, in Brass or Nickel.

    From £370.80
  • Twig Wall Light, US, Gilt. Shown with 4" long Half White Card Lampshade, sold separately.

    Twig Wall Lights - Twin Arm

    Twig Wall Lights, by Vaughan. 2 Arm Left and Right with or without square backplate (US).  Available in Brass, Bronze, Gilt or Nickel.

    From £492.00
  • Shoreditch Pendant

    Shoreditch Pendant

    A twist on a tradition pendant with the metal band adding detail and a splash of colour to the white shade supplied as standard

    From £504.00
  • Fenton Lantern

    Fenton Lantern

    Contemporary style lantern featuring pyramid shaped glass panels

    From £504.00
  • Brass

    Star Lantern

    Beautifully crafted star shaped lantern available in two sizes and two colour choices

    From £522.00
  • Thirsk Glass Chandelier

    Thirsk Glass Chandelier

    Double long drop glass rod chandelier elegantly finished in nickel trim

    From £576.00
  • Brass

    Shadow Ball Lantern

    A feature lantern that not only is it a statement piece when off it also gives spectacular lighting effects when on

    From £594.00
  • Arden Wall Light

    Arden Wall Light

    Attractive abstract foliate wall light hand finished with textured paint

    From £612.00
  • Nickel finish

    Selva Wall Light

    Selva Wall Light with a striking circular base making a feature both above and below the shade

    From £633.60
  • Valere Wall Light

    Valere Wall Light

    Wall light with textured hand-pressed oval glass drops over lapped to create a magnificent diffusion of light

    From £702.00
  • Brass

    Ladbroke Lantern

    Contemporary take on a traditional lantern using the shade to hide the light source

    From £718.80
  • Ripon Glass Chandelier

    Ripon Glass Chandelier

    Double drum glass rod ceiling chandelier elegantly finished with a nickel or brass trim

    From £794.40
  • Lymington Chandelier - 1 Tier

    Lymington Chandelier - 1 Tier

    Single drop glass chandelier made from multiple hexagon shape tubes of glass

    From £810.00
  • Chetham Library Wall Light

    Chetham Library Wall Light

    Modern swivel arm library wall light with on/off switch on the backplate and spun metal shade

    From £813.60
  • Brass finish

    Small Petworth Lantern

    Glass lantern defined by its simplicity

    From £846.00
  • Haldon Wall Light

    Haldon Wall Light

    Distinctive wall light with sculptured leaves with textured metal work giving this fitting real character

    From £1,062.00
  • Zurich Lantern, no shade, Brass

    Zurich Lantern

    Small Zurich Lantern without Metal Shade, by Vaughan. Available in Brass, Bronze or Nickel. 

    From £1,096.80
  • Zurich Lantern with metal shade, Brass

    Zurich Lantern with Metal Shade

    Small Zurich Lantern with Metal Shade, by Vaughan. Available in Brass, Bronze or Nickel. 

    From £1,152.00
  • Lymington Wall Light

    Lymington Wall Light

    Using the same glass drops as the Lymington chandelier range this wall light really would add sparkle to any room

    From £1,152.00
  • Bronze finish

    Large Petworth Lantern

    Glass lantern with bold metal lines and three lamp holders at different heights

    From £1,256.40
  • Morillon Glass Wall Light (IP20)

    Morillon Glass Wall Light (IP20)

    Nickel plated frame with crystal glass droplets decorated with handcraft applique glass detailing

    From £1,296.00
  • Morillon Glass Wall Light (IP44)

    Morillon Glass Wall Light (IP44)

    Bathroom wall with decorative glass droplets

    From £1,342.80
  • Colvara Wall Light

    Colvara Wall Light

    Strikingly elegant Colvara wall light with rock crystal for the extra sparkle and wow factor

    From £1,399.20
  • Rouen Flush Ceiling Light

    Rouen Flush Ceiling Light

    Highly decorative ceiling light with horseshoe shaped glass pieces interlinked hanging from a nickel plate

    From £1,602.00
  • Compiegne Chandelier Small, Ivory

    Compiegne Leaf Chandelier (Small)

    Compiegne Leaf Chandelier (Small, 9 Lights), by Vaughan.  In Distressed Green, Distressed Silver or Ivory.

    From £1,692.00
  • Wykeham Wall Light

    Wykeham Wall Light

    Multitiered wall light featuring distinctive sculptured leaves

    From £1,764.00
  • Windermere Chandelier

    Windermere Chandelier

    Ornate chandelier focusing on a foliate design decorated with individually pressed and formed maple leaves

    From £1,782.00
  • Stratton Chandelier

    Stratton Chandelier

    Contemporary and sleek especially suited to low ceilings. The design inspiration is classic French and wide circular shape dates back to the 1940s

    From £1,782.00
  • Small Pershore in Brass

    Pershore Alabaster Semi Flush Ceiling Light

    Hand finished Art Deco style ceiling light with stepped alabaster bowl paired beautifully with a round ceiling plate

    From £2,070.00
  • Bastille Chandelier

    Bastille Chandelier

    Chandelier centred round the heart shaped body, the rust effect adds depth and interest

    From £3,222.00
  • Sherwood Lantern

    Sherwood Lantern

    Defined by its rectangular frame, sculptured leaves and pitted metal work this lantern is both striking and elegant

    From £4,050.00
  • Compiegne Leaf Chandelier, Distressed Green

    Compiegne Leaf Chandelier (Large)

    Compiegne Leaf Chandelier (Large - 21 Lights), by Vaughan. In Distressed Green or Ivory.

    From £4,347.60
  • Sorbonne Glass Chandelier

    Sorbonne Glass Chandelier

    Multi tired chandelier made with individual horseshoe shaped glass pieces hang from a nickel frame

    From £5,385.60