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  1. Remove This Item Light Colour: Very Warm White (2700K)
  2. Remove This Item Light Colour: Warm White (2900K-3000K)
  3. Remove This Item Light Colour: Cool White (4000K)
  4. Remove This Item Fitting Input: 700mA
  5. Remove This Item IP Rating/Wet Area Zone: Wet Zone 0 (IP67+)
  1. Uplights (2)
  2. External Lights (3)
  3. Surface Mounted Wall Lights (1)
  4. In/On Furniture Lights (1)
  5. Bathroom Lighting (2)
Colour Rendering (CRI)
  1. CRI 90+ (3)
  1. White (3)
  2. Black (3)
  3. Silver (3)
  4. Bronze (2)
Light Source
  1. Dedicated LED (3)
Light Colour
  1. Very Warm White (2700K) (3)
  2. Warm White (2900K-3000K) (3)
  3. Cool White (4200K) (2)
  4. Red (2)
  5. Green (2)
  6. Blue (2)
  7. Amber (2)
  8. Cool White (4000K) (0)
Max Lumens (at 3000K)
  1. 1-149 (3)
Maximum wattage/fitting
  1. 1 - 2.5w (3)
Fitting Input
  1. 350mA (13)
  2. 500mA (13)
  3. 700mA (3)
IP Rating/Wet Area Zone
  1. Non Wet Areas (IP20-IP43) (7)
  2. Wet Zone 2 (IP44-IP64) (1)
  3. Wet Zone 1 (IP65-IP66) (5)
  4. Wet Zone 0 (IP67+) (3)
Energy efficient?
  1. Yes (Part L Compliant) (3)
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Lighting Products

Professional quality fittings and accessories, hand picked from the array of products our designers use in our own projects

  • LD51 shown with optional cowl

    LD51 LED spotlight

    Miniature adjustable spotlight delivering 119 lumens light output. Great for lighting beams or garden planting.

    From £94.34
  • LD56

    LD56 LED uplight

    Tiny tough IP68 low glare in ground LED uplight or wall light delivering 123 lumens. 

    From £102.59
  • LD43DR Miniature Deep Recessed LED Uplight

    LD43DR Miniature Deep Recessed LED Uplight

    A small fitting with a very deep recessed LED position and with a small aperture resulting in an uplight with little or no glare.

    From £108.82

Brilliant Lighting is one of the UK’s leading residential lighting design specialists.  We created the Brilliant Lighting store to supply the same high quality professional lighting products we use in our own schemes to a wider market.

The fittings we are offering on this site are predominantly aimed at the professional lighting market which is perceived to be more demanding than the average consumer.  We think consumers are and should be just as picky.  After all, lighting is probably the most important element in your house after the architecture.  Brilliant Lighting can provide professional quality lighting products backed with the technical expertise gained from years of using these products in our own projects.