What do you get with a technical lighting design?

It’s likely you may never have used a professional lighting designer before. Whilst creative flair and really understanding the clients requirements are critical, the design needs to be translated through to a set of working documents. We’ve found it useful to detail exactly what goes into a lighting design so our clients can see what information we’re providing throughout the design, installation and commissioning process.

Brilliant’s technical design service produces a design pack containing the drawings, technical specifications and architectural schematics to allow Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) contractors to plan, cost, first fix and install our lighting schemes and lighting control systems. We provide a consultative service through the tender process (if there is one) to answer queries and provide additional detail where required. We provide as much on-site support as required throughout the lifetime of a project to ensure the design is realised.

Detailed breakdown of the technical lighting design pack

The components of our technical lighting design pack are:

  • A costed specification for the client
  • Detailed AutoCAD (.dwg) plans, including any unusual cabling requirements or installation detailing
  • Detailed technical specification by room, circuit and fitting
  • Architectural schematics giving an overview of specific technologies
  • Technical data sheets for light fittings and control system elements
  • Indicative total lighting load

Lighting Design concepts are based on the architecture, interior design and client requirements. They are discussed at the initial client meeting and during the initial design phase prior to the detailed technical design being done.

If you’d like to talk to us more about technical lighting design or any of the elements of our lighting design service then please either give us a call on 01845 525665 or 0207 859 4868 or contact us through the project enquiries form here.  We’re happy to discuss any project in outline so even if you’re not sure your project is something we’d be interested in, why not get in touch and find out.