Lighting Control

Lighting control systems complement great lighting design. Often described as Mood Lighting, lighting control systems are actually much more; they bring ease-of-use, energy efficiency, security benefits and of course they can add a real “wow” factor to a good lighting scheme.  Crucially, lighting control systems are by far the best way to control and dim LED lighting.  Lutron logoBrilliant Lighting is an Authorised Lutron HomeWorks Dealer.

Mood Lighting

Create the perfect look and feel for any occasion and recall it with a single button press. Fantastic mood lighting at the touch of a button.

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Precise LED Control

Lighting control systems are the best way to manage and dim LED lighting. With the widest range of dimming protocols we can offer smooth, flicker-free dimming of all dimmable sources.

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Energy Efficiency

Lighting control systems help you use less energy. Save energy by only lighting the things you want to light and having the right amount of light for every mood.

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"It is like painting with light; adding a third dimension and enhancing all the features we worked hard to create. I am delighted with the results."

Mrs S, London

Have fun with colour

Create stunning, easy-to-control colour-changing lighting schemes.

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Play with colour

Security benefits

Lighting control systems can improve the security of your home. Make your house look lived in even when you're away and integrate with your security system.

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Electric Curtains and Blinds

Make the most of natural daylight by adding electric blinds and curtains.

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Mobile and Apps

Control your lights with your mobile or tablet, wherever you are. You probably don't want to turn your lights on and off from the beach but there's a lot of really useful things you can do with a good app.

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System Integration

Integrate lighting control systems with heating, audio, video and security for a truly smart home.

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