Intuitive keypads make lighting control simple

We believe in making lighting control as simple as it can be.  That’s the whole point.  Lighting control should be easy to use and it should be as flexible to use as you want it to be.  That’s why we spend a lot of time working through the different options open to people and making sure they end up with something they love.  We design intuitive keypad layouts that make controlling lighting and blinds simple for everybody.

Lutron International seeTouch keypad - 8 button plus raise/lower

Simple keypads are surprisingly powerful

This is a Lutron seeTouch International keypad.  Shown here in a brushed bronze finish it’s available in a whole range of different finishes including polished metals, brushed finishes, bespoke metallic finishes and glass.  It’s been the most popular control interface we’ve offered over the last 15 years because it’s recognisably a lighting keypad, it sits where you’d expect a light switch to be and it has engraved buttons that give you an idea of what’s going to happen when you press them.

It does a lot more than a light switch though.  This keypad controls the lighting across a space, offering different lighting scenes in the right hand column of buttons.  It controls blinds as well: Open, Close, Move to a preset level.  There are dimming buttons, raising or lowering the total light level if needed.

It might do even more than that.  We can program Lutron keypad buttons to behave differently depending on how they are pressed.  So we might add an extra function for you, the house owner.  No-one else needs to know this but you might also want to be able to turn off the whole floor or even the house from this keypad.  We can program that Off button to turn off the room when it’s pressed normally but turn off the whole house or ground floor when it’s pressed and held for 3 seconds.  Discreet power for you, no visible complications for your house guests.

Taking it a stage further, Lutron can be integrated into wider home automation systems like Control4 and Crestron.  Lutron keypads can provide quick and simple access to wider smart home features like multiroom audio.

Lutron International seeTouch keypad - 8 button plus raise/lower

Lutron keypads come in a variety of styles

Lutron HomeWorks systems are used in an incredibly wide range of different settings and the choice of keypads reflects the different styles needed to create the perfect look.  Lutron seeTouch keypads have been joined by Palladiom and Alisse keypads to offer a wider range of control options to suit any interior.  Wireless Pico keypads offer flexibility for additional control where running additional cabling is just not practical or desirable.

  • Lutron 8 button Palladiom keypad

    Palladiom keypads have recently joined the range of keypads available to us. Flush buttons and a range of finishes make them an interesting alternative to seeTouch. Functionally, they have the same range of programming options.

  • 6 Button Lutron Alisse Keyad with custom engraving

    Alisse keypads are an elegant addition to the range of keypads compatible with HomeWorks QSX. Each faceplate is machined from solid brass, hand finished and available in a range of button configurations.