Lighting for a sleek modern townhouse
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Lighting Design

Light is intangible, but probably has the greatest impact on the built environment after the architecture.  The wrong lighting can suck the soul out of a space, whereas great lighting is uplifting, warming, striking, practical, or all of the above at different times.  There’s no single right way to create the magic; excellent lighting design should work seamlessly with each unique combination of architecture, interior and landscape design.

We don’t have a ‘house style’. Our role is to understand what clients and design teams are wanting to achieve – even when it can’t necessarily be articulated – and to introduce concepts & ideas and then collaborate closely to achieve it.  Creativity, technical expertise, innovation, teamwork and meticulous attention to detail are key.

Barn Lighting - a glorious old barn with a layered lighting design

Lighting design needs to be considered early in a project

We prefer to be involved in projects from a very early stage (often pre relevant Planning permissions), and are core members of the team until the very end.  We interface and liaise with architects, interior designers, kitchen, bathroom, pool and garden designers, M&E consultants and  AV/network consultants.  We are as involved in creating bespoke chandeliers as we are in liaising about how a ceiling is constructed to conceal light fittings or blinds.  We are lighting designers with a very practical approach to lighting design.

As independent consultants we work with a wide range of top quality light fitting and lighting controls manufacturers.  Our designs are not constrained by only having a limited selection of ‘tools in the toolbox’, and we strive to find the best value (not cheapest) ways to deliver particular concepts.  Many light fittings can be customised or, for particularly challenging or special locations, are completely unique designs.

We design lighting for residential and commercial projects and a wide array of architectural styles

Brilliant Lighting has been delivering inspirational lighting design since 2003.   Our work spans residential & commercial lighting, new builds and renovations, lighting for bars, restaurants & hotels, churches, retail and picture lighting.  We offer a completely bespoke lighting service for fine art with a range of fittings sized and tuned to work with particular paintings.

Bisca spiral stair case with Bocci pendant

Lighting control is an important consideration in a lighting design

Lighting control systems play an important role in our designs.  A lighting control system is not an end in itself but is a fabulous enabler of an interesting and sympathetic design.  When we’re designing lighting schemes we’re thinking in terms of how the space is going to work, how it’s going to feel and what the lighting is going to do for each of those uses.  Lighting control allows us to program the lighting and capture each of those different setups as lighting scenes.   Great lighting should be easy and intuitive to use as well as providing wider automation benefits.  A well designed lighting control system will do this and a great deal more.

Electric blinds, curtains tracks or poles are all part of controlling natural light too.  Making the most of daylight should be considered as part of any scheme.

Lutron 2023 Diamond Dealer LogoBrilliant Lighting is an authorised Lutron HomeWorks Diamond dealer.

A structured process for lighting design

Our structured lighting design process helps keeps the lighting design aligned with the rest of your project and all members of your team equipped with the information they need.

The stages below cover our full process.  Stages may be combined or modified to suit if project circumstances dictate.  Certain stages may not apply, eg; if the project does not feature lighting control or automated blinds and curtains.  Select a design stage for more detail.

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