Lighting a David Harber sculpture in a private pool
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Pool & Spa Lighting

Whether for private or commercial use, pools and spas are essentially luxury spaces.  The lighting design has a huge impact on to what degree this sense of luxury is achieved.   Consider the lighting design very early in the overall design and you have the opportunity to add real magic.  Leave it too late and it’s a real opportunity missed.  Pools are an uncompromising environment for design changes once the initial work is in place.

  • David Harber

    Glare control is important, and should be looked at from head height…..even when in the pool.

  • Spa changing room lighting, simple wall washes to pick out colour and emphasise textures

    As in any other space, the lighting should lead your eye through the space, enhance colours and texture and provide focal points. 

Pool lighting needs to be both visually stunning and address practical challenges

Often light fittings, audio/video and HVAC systems are all competing for limited fixing points in a space, for example the location of ground recessed light fittings may need to be carefully worked through vs air vents in the floor.  Detailed early design discussions will enable better solutions.


Pools and spas are unforgiving environments for light fittings.  If water can find its way in, it will and a chlorine or saltwater environment may degrade finishes and seals.  Using appropriate really high quality light fittings, with water ingress points of failure designed out, will reap rewards in the long term.

Luxury extends beyond the pool

Pools and spas are often part of wider schemes involving treatment rooms, showers, gyms etc.  Again these are essentially luxury spaces, where magic is as important as pure practicality.

  • Linear LED fitting washing stone tiled wall and sauna lighting
  • Gym lighting with linear LED fitting installed in coving