Lutron HomeWorks QS

Lutron HomeWorks QS is the latest version of Lutron’s flagship home lighting control system.  HomeWorks QS is a whole house lighting control system offering control of internal & external lighting and natural daylight with ultra-quiet electric blinds and curtains.

Lutron Homeworks International seeTouch KeypadHomeWorks QS saves energy, integrates with security systems to give you extra peace of mind and complements great lighting beautifully. Best of all it’s wonderfully easy-to-use.  If you’ve ever been put off the idea of lighting control by the thought it’s for geeks and tech-fiends only, one look at the simple, backlit and engraved keypads should reassure you.  This is great lighting made simple with great control.

Hidden Power

Simple to use doesn’t mean basic.  HomeWorks QS was a total redesign to address the challenges of the LED era.  It offers a full range of dimming protocols making dimming LEDs smooth and reliable.  We use DALI, 0-10v dimming, mains leading edge, mains trailing edge or DMX as appropriate. Whilst this sounds complicated, it’s technology that’s hidden from the end user.  All you see is smooth, reliable dimming with none of the flicker or odd behaviour you may have encountered trying to dim LED conventionally.

Integration with other Home Technology

Lutron HomeWorks QS app on an iPadLutron HomeWorks QS integrates with other residential technologies to create a complete smart home.  HomeWorks QS can be used to control heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and can be integrated into wider home systems like Crestron, Control4, AMX and Savant alongside Audo/Video, Heating and Security sytems.

Available on the App StoreOnThePlayStoreThere are apps available for both iOS and Android putting system control on your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone.  Lutron Home+ is also available for the Apple Watch.  Lutron HomeWorks QS is also now controllable with Alexa, Google Home and Siri which means you can now control your lighting simply with your voice.

Downloads – Brochures and Technical Sheets

Lutron Homeworks QS Residential brochure
Lutron Homeworks QS Case Studies brochure
Lutron Keypads brochure – covers seeTouch, Pico, the Dynamic Keypad and the new Palladiom Keypads
Lutron Palladiom Keypads brochure – covers the Palladiom keypad with button configuration and finish options

Additional External Resources

Lutron’s own site has a wealth of information about HomeWorks QS as well as Lutron’s offerings for smaller spaces or individual rooms.  (This link to the European site opens in a new tab or window)
Lutron’s Shading Solutions – wonderfully quiet electric blinds and curtains (opens in a new tab or window)