Basement & staircase lighting in a very modern new build house
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Lighting a modern family home, West Yorkshire

This is a super modern new build in West Yorkshire.  The basement houses a large open-plan entertaining space as well as a cinema, gym and the teenage children’s bedrooms.  The upper floors are slightly more traditional in feel but have the same glorious mixture of textures and colours.  It’s a magical house to light.

Lighting the contemporary walnut and bronze kitchen

All kitchens need great task lighting but this one calls out for a bit more. It’s a striking dark kitchen of Walnut & Copper. The lighting has to provide a great working environment but it also needs to make the most of the rich surfaces and materials.

Bespoke 36 drop chandelier

Created as the centrepiece of the feature spiral staircase, the chandelier makes a dramatic statement.  The strong verticals work really well with the sinuous spiral.  The fitting falls all the way to the party basement.

Bisca spiral stair case with Bocci pendant

The stunning chandelier spans four floors

The spiral staircase is a beautiful piece of design and engineering created by our friends at Bisca.

Modern open plan basement

The basement is a great party space.  It’s large but with relatively low ceilings.  We really wanted to make sure the basement felt light and airy throughout despite the lack of natural light at the staircase end of the space.  The lighting is designed to complement the striking architecture and visually lift the space with plenty of light on the ceiling.

Lighting for a teenager’s bedroom

The downstairs bedrooms are totally individual designs for their teenage residents.

Feature wall for a gym

Lighting for the gym is simple and crisp. Most of the focus besides the work machines is on the sports memorabilia but the curved wall offers an additional point of interest.