Electric blinds shield large glazed areas of a new build house
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Curtains And Blinds

Electric blinds and curtain tracks are a fabulous partner for a lighting control system.  They make it simple to control curtains and blinds on large windows, make it easier to control natural daylight and are a joy to use.  We use Lutron’s HomeWorks QS blinds; they’re astonishingly quiet, come in a vast range of fabrics and patterns and are totally integrated into the Lutron HomeWorks QS environment.

Electric Lutron blinds integrated into a Lutron HomeWorks QS system

Electric blinds & curtain tracks offer a number of advantages

Curtains and blinds control natural daylight and offer privacy.  Electric blinds and curtain tracks make it easier to control window treatments and offer significant energy saving, comfort and security benefits.

Energy Saving

Natural daylight is a fabulous light source.  It’s great for our health and well-being, renders colours and textures perfectly and it’s free.  Electric blinds allow you to harvest natural light, letting light in where and when you want it while giving you the ability to control glare and temperature.  Electric blinds tied to a lighting control system can adjust to suit time of day, aspect and light levels.

Getting the maximum benefit from natural daylight reduces artifical light usage and harvesting the warmth from sunlight is a smart way of lowering heating use.

Integrate curtains & blinds for improved security

Lighting control systems like Lutron HomeWorks QS feature the ability to make your house look lived in where you’re not there.  Realistic patterns of lighting played back when the house is unoccupied is a significant security benefit.  Incorporating blinds and curtains takes that security up a level while making the playback more authentic.