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Bar & Restaurant Lighting

Lighting is a key element in the guest experience in bars and restaurants and of the venue’s brand image.   We’ve been privileged to work with Bettys Café Tea Rooms for a number of years, and more recently the award-winning Manor House, Lindley, and Michelin starred The Angel at Hetton.  What these wonderful venues share is long term vision and a passion for excellence.

The bar at Manor House, Lindley

Every design is unique and perfectly tailored to enhance that particular space. 

We work closely with our clients to understand and create the overall aesthetic vision, and then translate that into meticulously detailed and technically innovative plans.

Flexibility is often a key factor in the lighting design.  Venues often have a range of uses during the day: from bright and cheerful breakfasting to conferences to late night parties.  They need to look open when seen from a bright outside, but intimate when within.   The bar is a revenue generating focal point, but tables need enough light to read menus too.  An imaginative design should address all these challenges, and when coupled with a thoughtfully programmed lighting control system it should be intuitive to use.

Detail of Afternoon Tea cakes at Bettys

Use the best quality fittings for the best results

Lighting is often on for long hours during the day, and failed light fittings do nothing for brand image. Really good quality, reliable light sources are essential in avoiding a continual round of replacements and provide lovely quality of light.  It’s important to stress how wide the range of light quality can be, and even high quality light sources can be subtly different.  Some of our earliest work with Bettys involved testing different light sources and light engines to see which rendered the colour of their fabulous cakes best.

All the technical considerations are important but critically it just has to look and feel fabulous.