External lighting - a welcoming front courtyard lit up at night
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Lighting control systems can improve the security of your home

Lighting control systems offer significant security benefits both when you’re in the house and when you’re away.  “Holiday” or “vacation” mode is a feature of many systems.   The system can be set up to playback a pre-programmed or recorded pattern of light.  This makes simulated occupancy much more realistic than a simplistic timer system particularly when coupled with electric blinds or curtains

When you’re in the house the ability to control circuits from a single point right across the house offers other security benefits.  For example we can provide a button in the bedroom that can be programmed to control all the lights on the ground floor. If you hear a noise in the night it’s then possible to flood the ground floor with light before going downstairs.  Simple and reassuring.

Lighting control systems can also be integrated with other systems including security systems.  If an alarm triggers, the lighting control system can be programmed to respond.  One feature that could be programmed might be to bring on all the lights or flash external lights.

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