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System Integration

Integrate lighting control systems with heating, audio, video and security for a truly smart home.  Lighting control systems like Lutron HomeWorks can integrate seamlessly into a wider control system while presenting a simple user interface for whole house audio, whole house control or control of blinds and curtains.

Take Control Of A Wider System

Lighting control systems often feature as part of a wider smart home system: multiroom audio, multiroom video, heating control, security systems and access control.  These systems are invariably networked these days and all the various sub-systems can be presented to the homeowner via a single interface.  These can be presented via a dedicated touchpanel, remote control, maybe a TV interface and of course via iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Smart Home System

The sub-systems don’t have to talk directly to each other to be presented in a single interface.  Smart home systems like AMX, Control4, Crestron, Savant have their own central processors which issue commands, monitor status and manage the graphical user interfaces.  A typical and rather overused example is that of the “Watch movie” button on the remote that might turn on the TV or projector, bring up a screen of films stored on the central movie server or your favourite streaming service and slowly dim the lights.  Another more practical example might be the “Leaving” button on a panel by the front door that turns off all the lights, sets the lighting into “Holiday” playback mode and sets the alarm system.