Mood Lighting

Mood lighting uses scenes; pre-programmed combinations of different lighting circuits set at different light levels for particular uses, feels or moods.


In order to vary the focal point and mood in a room you need multiple circuits. With conventional controls you end up with a large grid of knobs and switches that you manipulate each time you want to recreate a scene. A lighting control system does this all for you with programmed scenes that set each individual circuit to a specific light level.  A single press brings up your “cooking” scene, your “dining” scene, your “party” scene etc.  Mood lighting and scenes bring out the beauty of your lighting at a single button press.

Mood Lighting isn’t necessarily about colour or gadgets

Mood lighting is one of those terms that have acquired multiple meanings.  For some it’s become synonymous with colour, for others it’s all about tablet or phone control.  We think it’s simpler than that.  At its heart mood lighting is simply good lighting made easier to use with a lighting control system.  Of course scenes can incorporate colour change.  They can even include other related items; curtains and blinds, TVs, a favourite music playlist etc but it should be personal.

When we’re designing, we’re designing with scenes in mind.  What combinations and levels of lights are required for a particular look, occasion or feel.  We’ll programme scenes when we commission the system and let you live with the results for a few weeks.  We’ll then refine the scenes based on your feedback.  People often find the way they use a space is rather different to how they imagined it; we refine the lighting to reflect the way you use it.  It’s a personal service and something we’re passionate about getting just so.

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