Precise LED Control

Lighting control systems are the best way to manage and dim LED lighting


The recent growth of LED in residential lighting schemes has highlighted one of the massive benefits of Lighting Control Systems.  Lighting Control Systems are the best way of managing and dimming LED lighting.

LEDs and conventional dimming don’t sit comfortably together.  Problems include erratic dimming performance, flickering and popping.  Conversely a properly designed and specified control system can dim LEDs smoothly down to low levels.

Lighting a sleek, modern office - dimmed lighting

The best systems offer a range of dimming protocols, including mains trailing-edge, 0-10v, DMX and DALI, the last three offering the best dimming performance.  DALI is used more in commercial environments but we are increasingly using DALI in residential projects: with the right light fittings it delivers smooth, trouble-free dimming down to 1%, while requiring a simpler wiring infrastructure with lower equipment and installation costs.

If all this talk of dimming protocols is a bit intimidating, don’t worry.  Properly designed and installed you need never know how your lights are being dimmed.  You’ll just enjoy predictable, smooth, flicker-free dimming.  If you do want to understand more about the underlying technology, we’ve produced a beginner’s guide to choosing, specifying and designing with LED lighting that covers the different dimming types.   It’s a free download here.

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