For heavy 1200×1200 framed picture would LGPX picture light be suitable? frame screwed flat to Dales farmhouse solid wall – does picture need to hang at angle to fit picture light arms behind? if so any recommended technique?

Hi Guy,

Thank you for your question. The size of the canvas and subject matter are the driving force when deciding what the appropriate lighting solution is. The sizes you have given are for the frame but based on that we believe you would need the more powerful ArtView LED picture light.  Each LED within the extrusion is lensed and we can use a combination of lenses to get the best solution to light evenly across your canvas.

ArtView mounted directly to the wall - rough onsite photo

Each ArtView is bespoke which not only gives us the flexibility on the lenses and spacings of the LEDs but also on the fixing methods.  As standard the ArtView is fixed via arms which are either mounted using brackets to the wall or the back of the frame if the frame allows. On a previous project we have mounted directly to the wall above the painting using special mounting bases shown in the photo here. This may well be the best solution for you when mounting on to a solid wall.

If you would like to email us a picture along with the canvas dimensions we can have a look and come back with some recommendations and costings to suit your painting.  Some more examples of lighting paintings with the ArtView picture light can be seen here.

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