Hello, I’m interested in installing 2 LD65 LED modules, and I would like the ability to dim these LEDs. What driver should I use ? Also, what transformer do you recommend – these would be run in the US (i.e, 120V main voltage). Please advise.

The LD65 fittings can be driven using the TXDEL 350/500/700 constant current drivers which are

available through our web shop, and it is automatically offered as one of the suggested drivers on the page following the LD65 order page.

This driver works on 1-10v dimming, and will operate on 120 voltage input so you will not need a transformer. However with 1-10v dimming you will also require a separate control cable between the driver and a suitable dimmer switch. We don’t currently supply a mains dimmable driver that will work with a 120 voltage input.

Being UK based we are unable to advise specifically on US regulations and so we would always recommend specialist advice is sought (unless of course you have expertise in this field). We can provide further details of current delivery times and costs to the US if required.

More information can be found in our Lighting Buyers Technical Reference Guide.

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