Hi – I’m looking to install the Dino adjustable downlights in our kitchen (2700K, 43 degree beam angle). They will be on 2 circuits, one with 5 single Downlights and one with 3 single Downlights). I’d like to have a single driver for each circuit (mains dimmable). Could you please advise on the suitable driver?

Hi Chris and thanks for the question. The mains dimmable driver for the Dino is a 300mA Osram driver (they come supplied with the fitting, there’s no extra cost to the price you see on the shop here) and there’s a 1:1 relationship between the drivers and fittings.

It’s the only combination that we or the manufacturer recommend; we’ve not found anything that we’d be happy to use. You can still use multiple fittings on each circuit but each fitting would have its own driver.

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