Would these be suitable to light a dining table from above, without shining harshly in people’s eyes at the table? They would be up high.

Thank you for the question and the additional details in the email.  Ultimately if you are looking right in to a light fitting (any fitting) it will be glarey, but these particular spots are well ‘baffled’ so are particularly good from most angles except looking straight in to them.  If you have a reasonably high fixing point on the old wall you should be fine, and, given the glass roof (and therefore the need to use the old wall as your fixing point) I think that even if you do get some glare from some angles these are still probably the best solution.

When cabling bear in mind that, if you are going for the version with a remote driver, each fitting needs its own driver therefore each fitting needs an individual cable between driver and fitting.  All the drivers can be connected in to a single circuit with a single Origin dimmer module.

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