Lighting an ancient barn: part I – testing the dining room concept

We have recently been commissioned to light a huge, ancient barn in Hampshire.

Early concept testing - lighting the dining area through a sail

One of the more unusual features of the renovation is the treatment of the dining area.  Our clients are putting in a 5m “sail” over the dining table to bring some intimacy to the vast space.  Lighting it is going to be a real challenge and will require a very specific approach so we’ve been doing some early mockup and development work.

We can’t overstate the importance of getting the details of construction, layout and lighting worked through early in the build.  We’d also like to say thanks and well done to our clients for recognising the need to test this concept at this early stage.  The more integrated a lighting solution is, the more important it is to resolve the details of how it’s going to work early in the build process  We’ll post more as this project progresses.

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