Lighting stars of London Design Festival 2018

It’s that time again when the international design fraternity descends on London for London Design Festival, and when the nights are getting darker and thoughts turn to stunning lighting.  This year we packed in visits to darc room, 100% Design and DesignJunction and here are some of our favourites from the shows.

Decorative lighting favourites

Art et Floritude

Art et Floritude create (amongst other things) stunning, intricate light sculptures which can grow organically across walls and ceiling.  It’s a light as a work of art in its own right.  This year’s design is lovely and we’re looking forward to seeing one of these in our showroom soon.

Art et Floritude decorative lighting at London Design Festival 2018

Ned Abbott

Also using the play of light and shadow to create simple but very effective shapes, Neb Abbott was showing some lovely pendants.

Ned Abbott pendants at London Design Festival 2018


Mullan was very on trend with their white globe pendant; many manufacturers had variations on a similar theme but Mullan’s was a good size and a super finish.  It would look great over a dining table, or a room where something of scale was required but where the ceiling wasn’t particularly high.

Mullan Globe Pendant at London Design Week 2018

Catellani and Smith

Catellani and Smith also have a new take on a white ball, made of spun fibre glass. The end result is beautiful, delicate and ethereal.

Catellani and Smith at London Design Week 2018


And something completely different; HollandsLicht was showing an incredibly striking pendant, predominantly made up of vast quantities of expertly strung thread.   You’d need a tall space for one of these, but they would look amazing for example with several hung at different heights in a large hall.

HollandsLicht at London Design Week 2018

Architectural Lighting Star

Decorative lighting can be stunning but most of the impact of a carefully designed lighting scheme comes from the architectural light fittings, where the trick is to hide the light source itself as much as possible whilst creating drama and magic.

We can see lots of uses for the new LD34 from Lightgraphix. This is a beautiful in-ground linear uplight, with precision engineering and lots of beam choices and glare control. It will look stunning shining up a textured wall, particularly one with rich depth of colour e.g. stone.

launch of LightGraphix LD34 at London Design Festival 2018

London Design Festival is an important event for us.  Overall we spent a very productive couple of days, seeking out new and interesting designs, and talking to existing suppliers about how designs can be tweaked, improved and personalised.  It’s all part of expanding our armoury of products and services; something we can then bring to your project.

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