Classic and funky – lighting a London townhouse

Bespoke modern front door light

We’re in the process of completing the final stages of a lighting scheme for a challenging and interesting renovation in Central London.  The property consists of an elegant Georgian house linked to a striking modern mews.  The mews has been totally rebuilt and the main Georgian house completely restored.  The look, feel and usage of the house changes across the different spaces and the lighting is key in making this work.  

In the restored Georgian part of the house the focus in on decorative antique fittings accentuating the interior.  The mews is clean-lined featuring white glass, white Corian, architectural slot lighting and extensive use of colour-changing LED.  The lighting works beautifully across the two varying styles. An example is the elegant custom designed wall light at the front of the Georgian exterior.  It’s in keeping with the feel of the frontage with a modern twist.

Walking through the gym in the basement marks the transition from the Georgian house to the mews. The entrance to the sauna off the gym features LED LightSheets.  The LightSheets form an arch. The whole sheets change colour under DMX control through a Lutron DMX interface.  The same LightSheets are used at the entrance of the mews.  The staircase running up through the mews has a contemporary, even industrial feeling.  Colour-changing LED is integrated into custom designed stair risers.  The design has focused on getting discreet, low glare, completely maintainable lighting embedded into the fabric of the building.

Colour changing LED LightSheet frames the entrance to the Sauna in a modern mews house

It’s at this stage of the project that the fine-tuning is done.  The lighting scheme has been designed with lighting scenes in mind and it’s at this point in the execution that we program the Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system.  As the furniture is installed and fabrics soften the space, the lighting starts to bring the house to life.  The different lighting scenes change the feel, shape and colour of a space.  It’s an exciting moment in the project.  We’ve been very fortunate to have a very engaged client and a hugely creative and supportive architect.  We hope to be able to feature this project as a full case study very soon

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